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Caesar Hospitality Academy

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The CHA Program develops skills and competencies for positions in the hospitality industry. This unique program mirrors cookery standards by providing training in a realistic work environment. Students have the option of selecting culinary program tracks.

The School of Culinary Arts Program provides students with measurable outcomes through training in the Cafeteria, Gourmet Dining Room and Coffee Shop, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment.

Instructors possessing industry-recognized credentials and having years of experience, direct each operation. The program is recognized nationally as a leading center for hospitality training.



1)      To create and attract participants who are interested in pursuing careers in culinary arts.

2)      Boots level of culinary arts knowledge, skills and quality to be executed in hotels and restaurants.

3)      To improve and emphasize the standards of sanitation and Hygiene.

4)      To assure that the hospitality industry proceeds according to high standards.


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